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Lieutenant Colonel(RET) Tammy Duckworth deserves her earned retirement.

In 2004, Captain Tammy Duckworth was a Blackhawk helicopter pilot serving in Iraq. On November 12, 2004, she was severely wounded when her Blackhawk was shot down by insurgents.

March 2005, Major Duckworth seen here in therapy at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She became the first female double amputee of the Iraq war.

On October 2014, Lieutenant Colonel Duckworth retires from the Army after 23 years, but she is unable to collect her earned retirement due to an unjust federal law.

Since 2017, Tammy Duckworth serves as the junior United States Senator from Illinois. She currently sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

In 2002, Tammy Duckworth was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United Ststes Army Reserves. In 2004, Captain Duckworth served in Iraq as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. On November 12, 2004, Duckworth's Blackhawk was shot down by an Iraqi insurgent's rocket propelled grenade; she suffered egregious wounds to her legs and right arm. While evacuating Duckworth from the crash-site, fellow injured crew members that she called, "her guys", thought they were recovering her lifeless body. She was medevaced to the Combat Support Hospital, Baghdad. On the edge of death, Duckworth's last words to the medical team, working to save her life were, "You better take care of my guys." Duckworth's life was saved but she lost most of her legs and some mobility in the right arm. Regardless of these injuries, she requested and received a medical waiver to continue serving her nation as a soldier.

Despite Duckworth's demonstration of courage, personal sacrifice and dedication to national service, she is ineligible to receive her earned military retirement. Federal law states that disabled combat veterans, like Duckworth, must complete 20 years of "eligible" service to receive their earned retirement. It is an injustice that a veteran's combat related injuries force them to forego their earned retirement.

You can help Tammy Duckworth and disabled combat veterans like her receive some justice right now by telling Congress to pass the Major Richard Star Act.The Major Richard Star Act will eliminate the 20 year requirement for Duckworth and her fellow veterans. Together, we can let these veterans know that their personal sacrifices are appreciated by their nation.

The MajorRichardStarAct.Org is a nonpartisan veteran advocate site. "There is no political affiliation on our dog tags." - DAVID G. BELLAVIA, Medal of Honor Recipient.

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pass the bill money has been earned by these disabled vets

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